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Contact me via email at with questions or with your order. You can also purchase “Color Me Purple” via PayPal. The book is $9.95 per book, plus $0.55 tax if you live in Wisconsin, plus shipping.

If you wish to send a check rather than use PayPal, once I hear from you, I will send my address via return email. When I receive your check for the book(s) and shipping, I will mail them within 1-3 days, and confirm with you via email. See shipping costs below.

Book Description

Color Me Purple is a narrative book for children ages 8-12, although it could be of interest to younger and older children as well. With 18 text boxes that explain the concepts and theories behind the story for mature readers, it could provide helpful information to teachers, parents, and other caretakers of the young readers.

The book contains approximately 20 full-color illustrations by Madison artist Donna Parker. Together, as author and illustrator, Donna and I are excited at the marketing-flyer-1prospects of sharing a story that emphasizes that children from all cultures and ethnic backgrounds are talented in many different ways. The story encourages readers to think about their own talents.

Grandma Says It’s Good to Be Smart is a colorful picture book for children, ages 0-7, with whimsical illustrations by Brenda Palmer. Grandma says it’s good to love learning, reading, exploring ideas, and finding out about the world around you. The underlying message is that smart is cool. Reading and talking about curiosity, talent, and life-long learning are ways to help children feel good about themselves and their developing skills. This book helps parents, grandparents, and teachers do just that! The full page illustration of flying horses is a favorite among adults – and children. It represents all that children can dream big and fly as high as they dream.

There are fewer than 25 copies of the English edition left, so buy now. The order process allows me to personally inscribe your book to a special child, grandma or teacher.

Price per copy, both books: $9.95 plus shipping and handling (plus tax if purchased in Wisconsin):

One copy – first class               $  3.50

1-2 copies – priority mail        $ 6.50

3+ copies – priority                  $13.00 (2 envelopes)

Pay by personal checks (or cash) only. Make checks out to Ellie Schatz.

I will ship within 1-3 workdays of receiving payment. Confirmation of mailing will be sent by email.

For ordering and payment via PayPal click on the front cover of Color Me Purple on any page.


7 responses to “Contact Ellie Books

  1. Ellie, The book is wonderful and we can hardly wait to share it with our California grandson and put one on the shelf of our baby Madison grandson. But I need more to share with friends who have curious book-loving youngsters. I am putting a check in the mail today for $46 so that you can ship off four copies to Randy and me. Thank you for continuing to give to the world of young minds in your very special way. Our whole family is going to LOVE this book! Thanks, Pat Peters PS I don’t mean for this to be in a “public journal”–just wanted to reply quickly and let you know I am re-ordering today!

    • Thank you Pat. I appreciate the comment and am especially happy that the book is accomplishing my goal of reaching young minds. Ellie

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  4. i want to order 4 of the books. What do I pay? 10. for the first and 5 for the rest. or 10 and 5 and 10 and 5? Help, am I over thinking this? I taught bright children in Mass.l, including two of my own. The otherone went through the program before i was asked to teach in it. Love your comments. I hear myself.

  5. Sue, I have answered your question via email and appreciate that you “hear yourself” in what I am writing. Thank you.

    For others who may have the same (fair) question, I was meaning 10 and 5, 10 and 5.

  6. Hi Ellie,
    I received a copy of It;s Good to Be Smart (yes it is!)and I love it!
    I would like to order a copy for my grandchildren who live in Seattle. I understand that you will send me a bill and I will send you a check and then you will mail the book. I have sent you a separate email with the particulars.
    Thank you,

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